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British Columbia (BC) Colposcopy Program Goals

Prevent Cervical Cancer

The BC Colposcopy Program was organized by the British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA) to compliment the Cervical Cancer Screening Program. The main goal of the Colposcopy Program is to prevent cervical cancer by providing timely diagnostic and treatment services to women with abnormal cervical cancer screening tests.

Provide the Highest Quality of Care for Women

Women with abnormal Pap smear results in BC should be referred to a BCCA Certified Colposcopy Clinic. These clinics are staffed by qualified colposcopists. These colposcopists are Obstetricians and Gynecologist who have successfully completed a formal colposcopy training program and certification exam in BC.

Certified Colposcopists are expected to adhere to the program’s high standards of clinical performance, and maintain their clinical competence through regular continuing medical education and quality assurance activities. Their performance is reviewed annually as part of the provincial quality control program conducted by the BC Colposcopy Program.




Accessible Care through a Strong Network of Clinics
The Program provides service to women through 27 regional and hospital-based clinics located throughout BC and the Yukon.

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